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Live Training Events
Speaking to Profit Live Speaker Training
Expand your influence and grow your business by speaking in front of crowds of 10 to 10,000. Why sell one-to-one when you can grow your business more effectively selling one-to-many on stages, live internet presentations and recorded videos. You'll learn to speak confidently and persuasively on any subject you choose and become an influential speaker in this live workshop. Click here to read more.
Influence to Profit Live Training
Get more clients easier and faster than ever before with ethical influence and persuasion that gets people to say YES! You'll become a person of influence with easy-to-use skills you'll master in just four days so you can influence with integrity to help more people, close more sales, and put more cash in your pocket. Click here to read more.
Publishing to Profit Live Training
Expand your influence and grow your business by publishing your own book. We will show you everything to do, step-by-step in this easy-to-use system for writing, editing, publishing and marketing your book (even if you can't write; no rejection letters, guaranteed!). Click here to read more.

Coaching Programs

Marketing to Profit Coaching Program
Marketing to Profit is a 16-week, hands-on group and one-on-one coaching program that will enable you to create automated marketing systems that grow your business 24/7, whether you're working or away, awake or asleep, in the office or sitting on the beach sipping a mai-tai. You will get solid, proven, online marketing strategies to help you magnetically attract new clients and automatically turn them into paying clients. Click here to read more.

Home Study Trainings

Mindset to Profit Home Study Course
Master your mindset, master your business. Mindset to Profit is a different kind of business training. You will identify and eliminate mindset issues that have hold you back from having the abundance, prosperity, and wealth you desire, while building a mindset geared toward success. Click here to read more.
Secrets of Subconscious Influence Home Study
An eight-hour video study course where you can learn ethical influence and persuasion techniques from home. This is a perfect companion to the influence to profit live event, or a great stand-alone training course. Click here to read more.
Become a master at selling through the written word with high-converting, engaging copy that will persuade more people to buy your products, services, and programs. Click here to read more.
A work-at-your-own-pace online course where you'll develop a riveting, practically irresistible elevator pitch designed to turn strangers into clients on the spot. Based on our proven, step-by-step Irresistible Elevator Pitch Formula™, your elevator pitch will keep people riveted to you and make you the most interesting (and perhaps the most remembered) person at networking events. You'll develop your elevator pitch step-by-step with full examples. Click here to read more.