The Team at Influence to Profit

Founder and Owners

Michael Stevenson

Founder, CEO, Co-Owner

For over 20 years, Michael has been passionate about blending his favorite topics: business, marketing, and psychology. After having founded the successful NLP training company, Transform Destiny, in 2009, he began training business owners in these powerful tools. In 2014, Michael and his wife Kayla founded Influence to Profit with an eye toward helping heart-centered business owners. Read more about Michael at his bio page

Kayla Stevenson

Chief Operations Officer, Co-Owner

A brilliant business mind in her own right, Kayla started her first business at 19 years old. Kayla co-founded Influence to Profit in 2014 with her husband Michael, and as Chief Operations Officer, she is in charge of day-to-day operations and support. Read more about Kayla at her bio page

Team Leads/Managers

Carol McCrary

Operations Manager

Read about Carol at her bio page

Adrianna Macgregor

Customer Service Manager, Live Event Manager

Read about Adrianna at her bio page

Live Event Training Team

Glen Depke

Influence to Profit Trainer

Read about Glen at his bio page

Sheilla Dare

Event Coordinator, Influence to Profit Event Manager

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Master Coaches and Master Practitioners

Christopher Drake

Master Success Coach

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Customer Service and Other Roles

KaRynn Palacios

Customer Care Representative

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Jade Eday

Administrative Assistant, Customer Care Representative

Read about Jade at her bio page

Sheila Haddock

Customer Care Representitive

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Annie Baloloy

Customer Care Representitive

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Regina Rosario

Customer Care Representitive

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Byron James Nayre

Customer Care Representitive

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Joel Garza

Marketing and Executive Assistant

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