Michael Stevenson
Founder of InfluenceToProfit.com

"I'm revealing the differences between five-figure, six-figure and seven-figure business owners... along with the specific strategies to create more freedom in your business and your life without sacrificing profit!"

Business Burnout: (verb) The Undesirable Side-Effect of Making Money In Your Business at the Expense of Your Personal Freedom

Business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world are experiencing a strange paradox: They are making money — sometimes more than they've ever made before — but they don't have the time (or the energy) to actually enjoy their success.
To make matters worse, they've hit a plateau — a "glass ceiling" of success — which they just can't seem to break through, no matter how hard, or for how long, they work.
Sound familiar?
The only thing more sad than seeing someone burnout on their passion, is when it happens to you.
So What If There Was a Way to Create More Success and Profit with Less Stress, Less Worry and Less Work?
Today, we have an opportunity like never before. With advances in business strategies, marketing tools, and leveraging an advantage we call "The Shift," you can now get more done while creating peace and freedom in your life... and maybe even take a vacation for once!
Michael Stevenson, multi-million dollar business owner, coach and consultant has grown several companies and brands from the ground up and can show you how to do the same in our upcoming Marketing to Profit Coaching Program.
Michael Stevenson,
Founder of Influence To Profit and Transform Destiny.

Best-Selling Author
International Speaker
Business Consultant and Coach
Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner
When I started my first business on the internet in 1994 (before most people had even heard of the internet), I had no clue about business, and marketing was so much more difficult than it is today.
It was a long, arduous process with a huge learning curve, and to make matters even more complicated, it seemed like the deck was stacked against me, because I was a single dad with a day job. I just didn't have the time or energy to work full-time on my business.
I spent all my free time studying business and marketing and with my computer programming background, automating parts of my business to leverage the small amount of time I had.
Now, several million dollars in profit later, I'm teaching the business principles and processes I have used to create wealth and freedom in my life.
Now you have the opportunity to learn some of these skills that I normally only share with my high-end coaching clients.

Learn The Secrets to Breaking the Success Ceiling and Creating the Freedom That You Desire and Live the Life That You Deserve in Our Next, Upcoming Program!

In our 16-week Marketing to Profit coaching program, Michael Stevenson will teach you how to supercharge your business with winning strategies and processes that are proven to work in any industry, and in any niche.
Here's what you'll get:
  • You Will Discover Who Your Ideal "Dream" Client Is allowing you to laser target your most likely buyers so you can automatically find them and attract them on the internet
  • You Will Learn How to Make Your Potential Clients Crave Your Products/Services using a market-centric approach and ethical influence and persuasion principles
  • You Will Discover the Perfect Lead Generation Tactic to automatically draw your dream clients to your website
  • You Will Learn How to Create a Working, Lucrative Website Funnel, Step-by-Step to automatically turn strangers into prospects into paying clients — even while you're sleeping — with no technical skills necessary
  • You Will Learn How to Create Automated Marketing Systems — The fact is, not everyone who visits your website will buy or sign up for your email list. These systems will allow you to re-engage and retarget, "the ones who got away."  This is one of the biggest areas most businesses leak profits and for some businesses, once setup, can increase sales revenues as much an additional as 100% without lifting a finger!
  • You Will Become More Productive and Get More Done in Less Time with time management, prioritization and motivation training
  • You Will Discover the Mindsets of Millionaires to help you break the barrier between a six-figure earner and a seven-figure earner. Since thoughts lead to actions, the secret to acting like a millionaire starts with changing your mindset
  • You Will Learn NLP Copywriting Secrets that will have more people buying than ever before. When people read your marketing text, they will be riveted and primed for buying when you implement these secrets
  • Sell More With Less Effort With Online Webinars — You'll learn how to sell your product or service online to dozens or hundreds of people at a time with live webinars and automated webinars, and Michael will give you his best webinar template to get you started!
  • You Will Discover Dirt-Cheap Online Advertising Strategies to collect laser-targeted leads. Just imagine paying Facebook only 50¢ for a new lead who could be worth $100s or $1000s to you! This is entirely possible and Michael will show you how
Using these strategies Michael and Kayla Stevenson have been able to make millions in their five businesses and have traveled the world full-time while running their businesses from their laptops and smart phones from 55 countries and hundreds of cities around the world.
Many of Michael's coaching clients have also been able to transform their businesses using his easy-to-use strategies, as well.
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Our Iron-Clad Guarantee to You

100% "No B.S." and "No Pitch Fest" Guarantees

Try everything out to your heart's content. Use the system, the tools, the scripts, the presentations, the website templates, the email templates, the strategies and systems.
If you're not completely blown away by everything you learn and loving the program, contact us for a full and friendly refund within 30 days of the first call.
That way, if it works for you, it was worth every penny, wasn't it? And if it doesn't, it costs you nothing.
WARNING: Why You Shouldn't Learn "Internet Marketing" From People Who Only Sell "Internet Marketing"
If you've had your eye on other companies or coaches who sell "how to market on the internet" courses, be aware that their techniques are widely known to translate poorly to real businesses. Often, when you try to apply their marketing strategies to other businesses, you'll find that they don't work well or don't work at all. They are usually just recycling information they learned from "internet marketing" trainers and they often don't have real-world business experience.
Unlike those so-called "experts," Michael has used these skills in his own businesses across multiple niches, including coaching, seminars, software, physical products, publishing, travel and more. He has coached others in niches such as real estate, coaching, public speaking and training, multi-level marketing (MLM), medical and healthcare, energy healers, consulting, retail and more.
With our iron-clad guarantee, you can be assured that you'll get high quality information that will improve your business, no matter what you offer and no matter who your market is.
Tax Deductions Available
US Treasury regulation 1.1625 permits an income tax deduction for educational expenses including registration fees, tuition, travel, meals, and lodging for courses taken to improve or maintain skills required in employment or business. Many of our students write off their entire tuition and travel expenses. Consult with your tax professional.
Event Details
Dates: February 2 – May 18, 2021 with Master Business Coach Michael Stevenson
Location: Los Angeles LAX area
Hours: 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM each day
Plus, I'm So Confident In This Program, That I'll Pay You $500 to Get Results!
In a world where all other coaches want to take your money, I'm going to give you money to succeed!
At the end of this program, when you attend ALL the live coaching calls, attend ALL of your Success Coaching calls, and do ALL of of the homework assignments (they're all achievable), I'm going to send you a check for $500 cash!
No other program out there offers anything of this kind! The $500 rebate helps to keep you accountable and motivated and virtually guarantees that our clients get the best results.
(If you're wondering how easy it is to complete the program, in past programs we have had 100% of the people who paid a deposit receive it back at the end of the program. As long as you are committed to showing up and taking action, receiving rebate back is virtually guaranteed. This program is designed for you to succeed.)

16-Week Group Coaching Program Starting Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021
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  • A $24,991 Value!
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First payment due in 14 days
  • A $24,991 Value!
  • Full Support and Guarantee
  • Click The Button Below
First payment due in 14 days
  • A $24,991 Value!
  • Full Support and Guarantee
  • Click The Button Below
First payment due in 14 days
  • A $24,991 Value!
  • Full Support and Guarantee
  • Click The Button Below
So, In Reality, When You Complete the Program (Attend All Live Calls, Attend All Coaching Calls, Do All Homework), Then the Program Will Only Cost You Only $1,997 After The $500 Completion Rebate.
No matter which option you pick, only a $100 refundable application deposit is due today with your first installment due in 14 days if you are accepted.
Begin the application process by clicking the button below.
If you are accepted you will be contacted by someone from our office within 7 - 10 business days.
I look forward to serving you over this business-changing, and life-changing program.
Believing all the best for you,
Michael Stevenson
Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers)
What is The Marketing to Profit Program?
The MTP Program is a 16-week coaching program that starts on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 and we are currently taking applications. The purpose is to teach you solid, proven marketing strategies that will bring you more clients, in a bite-sized way each week that is virtually guaranteed to succeed.
Can I Register For the Next Program?
YES! We have just announced a new MTP Coaching Program starting Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021 through Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 and we are currently taking applications.
When Are the Calls?
The coaching calls will be held each Tuesday from 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Pacific over Zoom starting on February 2nd and ending on May 18th.
Call attendance is required to participate in the program and all calls are recorded for later reference and listening.
How Much is the Investment?
The investment in the MTP program is $2,497 ($500 of which will be returned when you successfully complete of the program, provided you have kept all your commitments to attend all live group coaching calls, attend all live success coaching calls, and do all the homework each week) and there will be certain investments necessary for tools and/or advertising. In all cases, these are meant to be self-funding and I will show you how I use these tools to generate a profit, so they are not an expense.
What Is the Duration of the Program?
The program itself is 16 weeks. Each week will start with one, 90-minute live group coaching call. You will be assigned required homework which will be designed to bring in new clients and you will have a 30-minute one-on-one coaching call each week with one of our Certified Master Coaches.
How Long Will It Take To Know If I'm Accepted?
We will review all applications beginning immediately and will let you know if you are accepted within 7 to 10 business days.
What Is the Guarantee?
I guarantee that I will teach you solid, tested, business, marketing and sales systems, strategies and tactics that have worked for me and others.
There is no performance guarantee, because most of the performance comes down to your willingness to play "full out," participate fully, and take action.
How Many People Are In the Program?
There are around 30 to 40 people participating in this program.
Note: Last time we had many more applicants than people accepted and people applying too late had to deal with the disappointment of being shut out of the program. Apply early and respond quickly if you're one of the ones fortunate enough to get an approval on your application.
I Need to Think About It...
Stop it! Indecision destroys success. There's no risk and no obligation in applying. If you're not a good fit, we'll let you know, and if it's not a good fit for you, let us know. But at least apply to find out. This very well could be the break you are looking for. :)
Where Do I Begin?
Click the Apply button. We look forward to speaking with you soon. :)
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