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The Leaders in Ethical Influence and Persuasion Training for Business Owners, Marketers and Sales Professionals
Attention Entrepreneurs, Marketers and Sales Pros:
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What If You Could Have Both Wealth AND Freedom?

At Influence to Profit, we teach you how to expand your ability to influence others with your business message to create both more profit and more freedom easily and effortlessly.

Influence to Profit founder Michael Stevenson is a business coach and consultant, international speaker, best-selling author, successful entrepreneur and founder of Transform Destiny and six other successful brands.

He and his wife and business-partner Kayla run three successful companies (and partner in two more) while traveling the world full-time, impacting millions of lives and running their business mostly from their laptops.

Through the Influence to Profit Trainings, Michael will teach you...
  • The A.D.E. Process Michael used to create a lifestyle business that allows he and his wife to get paid while traveling the world full-time.
  • How to build a business vortex to attract new prospects and turn them into buyers and raving fans
  • Powerful NLP techniques to influence and persuade the minds of others and put more cash in your pocket
  • How to expand your influence to impact more people through book publishing, public speaking and more
  • And so much more!

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Founders Michael and Kayla Stevenson with Shark Daymond John. Michael served as a key business consultant to one of Daymond's companies to help them learn new strategies to earn more with less effort than ever before.
Our Trainings Include:

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Publishing to Profit Book Writing Workshop
Speaking to Profit Professional Speaker Training
Marketing to Profit Lifestyle Business and Marketing Systems Training
Influence to Profit Live Course
Influence to Profit Live Course
Influence to Profit Live Course